Top 6 reasons why everyone should learn Taekwondo

Not everyone is cut out for team or water sports. Taekwondo is another option where both the young and old can try and get a healthy exercise.

Taekwondo gives one a good dose of self esteem and respect. It teaches us many important life lessons and most importantly, a form of self defense so that we can protect ourselves from impeding danger. Here are five reasons why you should learn Taekwondo:

1. Be disciplined and gain respect

Taekwondo will help students develop both mental and physical discipline as they have to show respect to their teachers, fellow students and themselves. This can help one be more grounded and resistant to stress or peer pressure.

2. Self defense skills

Through Taekwondo, students will learn several ways to protect themselves, or their loved ones. They will be well prepared in times of danger. In addition, studies have shown that boys who participate in martial arts reduces their aggression level.

3. Develop a stronger body and mind

The different moves that a student has to carry out in Taekwondo will help to improve their flexibility, balance, coordination and make them fitter and stronger. Recalling and carrying out the different moves requires huge concentration, focus and willpower. Through practice, their minds and body will definitely get stronger.

4. Gain confidence and self esteem

As students become stronger and more skilled, they will have more confidence in themselves. If they are able to have the willpower and determination to improve their moves in Taekwondo to achieve a higher belt status, they will not have any problems setting clear objectives and goals in their life, be it for their studies or career.

5. Learn to take a hit

We all take hits in life, such as a smack in the face by reality when we fail. There is bound to be some downs in our lives and the key is learning to take that hit and get back up. However, not many people have this mindset. In Taekwondo, students may fail a lot. It is not so much about hitting, but getting hit and getting up. Learning to take a hit might perhaps be the best way to learn how to avoid it. Through Taekwondo, one will learn to be stronger and not give up so easily.

6. Learn to breathe

Breathing is one of the most important essence in life. Any successful athlete, dancer, actor or singer needs the right breathing technique in order to perform better. Even in the working world, learning to breathe properly can help reduce physical exertion and stress. Through Taekwondo, you will learn the essence of how to breathe, helping you relax under pressure.

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