Our school is set apart from others by the fact that we keep our kids class small with multiple instructors to ensure your child receives the individualized attention he/she needs to get a firm grasp on what is being taught to them. BJJ techniques are practiced with other students as well as with instructors. Students apply their skills during grappling and structured games.

During our class, the students learn takedowns, takedown defense and submissions. Your child will learn the adult class beginner curriculum in a more fun and kid friendly environment with a focus on defense and position. We focus on ground skills for Jiu Jitsu as well as wrestling.

Your child will learn how to be part of a team. They will build on their self esteem and self discipline while learning to respect themselves and others.
Our children’s program is great for self defense, physical fitness, social skills, and gross motor skills. These skills are hands on, making it easier for them to learn.

They will learn when it is appropriate to use BJJ techniques, practice self control and respect and work hard as a cooperative team member.
We make exercise, hard work and learning fun!

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