To be stronger, faster and healthier are what all of us are looking and working for. This goals can be reached in many different ways and martial arts are definitely one of the most power tools you can use to reach them. The martial art we are going to discuss today is Muay-Thai.

Muay-Thai is a martial art originating its roots from Thailand. It is now spreading popularity all over the world and is becoming many’s favorite way to stay in shape. Muay-Thai is different from western kickboxing and boxing due to it taking use of 4 sets of limbs instead of 1 or 2. The 2 extra sets of limbs in Muay-Thai are elbows and knees, they both open up a lot more possibilities in the ring and make the sport super exciting to watch.

This particular sport requires a lot of strength, agility and skill to perfect, making it an awesome workout. Here are the 5 benefits to your body and soul Muay-Thai will bring:

Great physique

With all the hard training, kicking and punching it only makes sense that you will get absolutely ripped. Take a look at some of the top Muay-Thai fighters, they might not look like body builders but their bodies are for sure in a superb shape. Muay-Thai training is also known for burning a crazy amount of calories making it an awesome way to lose fat and lean out.


Cardiovascular conditioning

Fighting 3 to 5 rounds without exhausting yourself to death is far from being an easy task. That’s why all Muay-Thai classes include a crazy amount of cardio training. If you are training twice a day your body will go through some crazy changes and surely enough you will feel like you are 16 again!

Killer core

All kicks and punches take use of your core muscles to produce the most power possible. Now imagine throwing hundreds of each every single day for weeks or months straight, it is way more efficient than doing any amount of crunches or leg raises.


Most people get intimidated and scared once they hear the word Muay-Thai and thus never even try it. But the ones adventurous enough to try it and stick to it bring a new level of accomplishment to their life. Not everyone can handle the intense training so doing it really makes you a badass!

Outside of that, Muay-Thai also teaches you a lot of important self-defence skills. If escaping a fight is not possible than having Muay-Thai experience will give you a massive advantage. Knowing how to use your deadly elbows and knees might save your life at some point!

Powerful mind

Training Muay-Thai every day without quitting is not the easiest task. Sticking to it and pushing yourself to become better every day will condition your mind to never give up and work hard. The training also reduces daily stress and makes you much more self-aware.